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oh, habitat…


There are so many UK brands I love, and Habitat definitely tops that list. The fisrt time I discovered Habitat was seven years ago in Paris and haven’t had a chance to go back since. With so many well-priced pieces and a diverse designer line-up, I think it would do amazingly well in the US…


{images with a woodsy, outdoor theme from the current catalog}


  1. When I was in London 8 years ago (that’s scary!) I bought a duvet at their Kings Road store and it is still as beautiful as the day I bought it. Ever since then I have been waiting for them to open a store in the US.

  2. If you ever find yourself in Hamburg, Germany you have to check out the Habitat outlet along the water, it’s a hop and a skip from Stilwerk. What GREAT deals on amazing finds, Joy – you’d love it in there.

  3. Yes, I think it would do great in the States too – I love Habitat!! I guess, as Ikea own it now it may well make it to the US in the near future…??
    It used to be much more expensive and exclusive when Conran owned it {he began it it the 70’s I think}..but now it is like an upmarket ikea with really beautiful things. A total winner really 🙂

  4. I moved over from the UK to Philly about two years ago. The question I ask everytime I want to get something new for the house is: “Is there a place in the US that’s not quite Ikea and not quite DWR, somewhere in between. Yunno, like Habitat.” I just don’t think there is!
    But I am excited about Muji opening their own shops in NYC in the summer.

  5. I found your great blog a week ago. I really love it!
    Every day it is like opening you favorite design-decoration magazine. Thank you for great selection og beautiful things and cool ideas.
    Lisen, Sweden

  6. hi Joy
    I was wondering if you’d ever been into Liberty in London before? These shots kind of remind me of that store… you walk in and it seems like you are in another world, a fantasy land. You should check it out next time you are there.
    Thank you for a fab blog!!

  7. Oh, yes, every time I see something I love in a magazine, it’s from Habitat. Maybe it’s because I tend to read magazines from the UK, huh? I so wish there was one in the US, but I’d be afraid they’d offer different, US-targeted items. Still, great inspiration!

  8. they recently franchised in dublin and when i was talking to the manager there she told me they were looking into the us market! it must be coming soon…

  9. I must admit that I have an Autumn 1998 Habitat catalog in my posession. Everything about the catalog I picked up in London is still beautiful—I use it for inspiration still!


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