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Blueprint finds it’s way…


I finally received the new issue of Blueprint yesterday…after, what seems like a very long break. I know that they’ve been trying to re-focus the magazine’s direction with a new editor and new staff. After reading the latest March/April 07 issue, I totally love it now! It feels younger & fresher…and the variety of topics feel more cohesive. It’s like a mix of Domino, Lucky, and Martha Stewart, with a little Jane thrown in there. While I wasn’t sure about the multiple topics at first, I really think it works now. The magazine has a lot of sections that feel like blog posts…quick snippets of this and that, interspersed with longer editorials and great images…here’s a preview from one of the crafty projects in the current issue…



  1. couldn’t agree more!! i have been waiting for this issue and it came yesterday. now i want more issues and let’s keep it going this time, eh?? 🙂

  2. Ooooh, I had forgotten about my subscription to this magazine – they took such a long break between issues. Now I’m excited to run home and see if it is in the mail!

  3. I love the new issue. I really like the editor’s down to earth vibe. Her apartment redo was one of my favorites. One thing I really like is that they have inexpensive projects and ideas for those of us just starting out on a tight budget but still with great taste and creativity.

  4. Blogposts… Hmmm… I never thought about it like that, but yes, it did read a bit bloggy – you’re right. Maybe that’s why so many of us like it! Which is a ‘good thing’, because how many of us really read the 5 page articles in shelter mags anyway?

  5. I totally agree! The first couple of issues, it was clear they were trying to find their footing. Or perhaps I’ve gotten used to the format but it seemed to flow more cohesively and it didn’t feel like I was reading 4 different magazines thrown into one.
    Subscription is the next step I suppose! Unless they keep sending me the free issues!

  6. I have an early issue, which I LOVED, but then have not been able to find any more recent issues. I haven’t seen this one in the shops so far. I’ll have to subscribe, I think. REALLY good magazine.


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