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surround your laptop in patterned goodness…


I’ve received a few emails lately asking about laptop bags, so I thought I’d share my current favorite laptop bag, the designer slim from Acme Made. The’re compact, really well made, and available in a variety of woven fabrics {yes, the patterns are woven not printed!}. Now, I only wish I had a laptop so I could get one of these for myself!



  1. I love the size of the Slim, but (as I realized after buying it), it doesn’t hold any extras (battery, notepad, etc) — which is fine for a few hours at the local cafe. But for travel, I use (and highly recommend) Acme’s Slim Cargo. And, indeed, the interior quilting is a nice touch!

  2. I have loved them forever but found them too expensive for my Australian dollars. But I visited NYC last weekend and found that Kate’s Paperie (oooh what a great store) had them for almost 50% off! So I now own a funky one too!!!!!

  3. Cool blog! I also own an acme bag and it looks so good. I get compliments all the time. When I travel, I throw my laptop in the slim case, and it goes on top of all my clothes in my check in luggage. My 2 complaints: 1) the strap isn’t padded so the daily commute (50 min) can be tiring if I don’t get a seat on the subway 2) doesn’t hold any extra stuff.


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