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  1. leya~
    i seriously didn’t realize how crazy it would be! i went on a few minutes before they were supposed to go up and totally got lucky.

  2. These are just beautiful.
    I have a question…would you know of anywhere online or any companies that make pretty macbook/laptop sleeves/bags?
    They are all so ugly and I thought if you came across any in your online travels, you might share with us.
    Thanks if youve got any info!

  3. Yes, these are adorable….but don’t try to get a custom or part-custom order. I was willing to pay over $200 for these things, Ann told me she would make them for me as a cake topper and use my fabric to match my dress, so I ordered and paid for that fabric. Then she changed her mind saying she did not have time to do them even though my wedding is in 11 months, nor was she doing custom orders any more, even though she says she does on her website and I am guessing also in the magazines. Not very professional at all.


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