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in a bit of a flurry…see you in a week!


Hello folks…I’ll be away from this blog for most of next week to focus on some personal projects and recharge. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my archives and my favorite links {to the right}. I’ve added a slew of new blogs under “more links” so check it out.

I’ll see you next Friday for one quick post and will be back in full force on Monday the 19th. Till then…Joy


{image above from the Jan/Feb issue of Vogue Living from the home of Linda Gregoriou}


  1. I’m crazy about these colors. White can be the perfect backdrop if it’s done right. This is so exciting, I wish I could see the whole shoot of it. Looks inspiring!! Love your site!

  2. I agree with SUZANNE. I was so intrigued by the image that I googled Gregoriou’s name and found that she used to be a geographer and is now a property developer…clearly with an eye for detail and good design. Thanks for posting!


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