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ink & peat


I’m a sucker for flowers and great floral design so I was thrilled to hear about a new floral design studio (and soon to be shop) in Portland, Oregon called Ink & Peat. The lifestyle shop {to launch in Spring ’08} will carry a variety of modern, vintage and organic home accessories as well as a floral studio. Check out Ink & Peat’s current floral studio for amazing arrangements in the Portland area. Also, check out their blog which has images of more floral ideas and inspiration…



  1. Im from Argentina and i must say that all this inspiration makes me explode out and want to run and make pretty things all day.
    I found you out through another blog and im very happy i did so
    Much love and continue captivating others with such good taste
    PS: your site and creations are wonderful as well

  2. wow! i really love your site. it is giving me great ideas of how me and the committee could decorate our prom. if you have any other ideas for centerpieces or wedding decorations, please tell! thank you.


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