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embroidered sweetness


I love seeing small businesses bloom. The stationery line, Joy by Mel Lim, has recently expanded into a full-on lifestyle brand with pillows, organic clothing for baby, tote bags, and more. I love these baby gift sets and pillows…all embroidery is inspired by the graphics and illustrations from her well-known paper line.



  1. I love Mel! I too have been a follower of Mel’s line ever since she started in 2004. I met her a long time ago at a tradeshow. Not only did her talent and business acumen amaze me, but she is genuinely so true to her brand – joyful, nice, and a wonderful person. Hard to find such a true designer nowadays….=) you GO GIRL!

  2. I just found Joy by Mel Lim on this blog and had to have her stuff. Her designs are amazing and can’t wait to get her stuff. Her website has so much stuff! She emailed me back already thanking me – she is on top of her game! I should get my order by wednesday! She’s amazing! -jon


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