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a quick hello + happy weekend…


I am back from the Stationery Show…and will be taking the next few days to catch up on much needed sleep! Just wanted to say hello and post a few pics for you all. My photos are not that great as I was too overwhelmed with the launch that I simply forgot to take more. Here are a few photos of our Relish booth, as well as some detail shots from my own Nantaka Joy line. A HUGE thanks to the fellow bloggers who have posted such lovely pics and words about the launch (D*S has great pics of the entire show)…and also a big thanks to those of you who came by to say hello and show your support. You’ll be seeing
Nantaka Joy products in stores very soon ;). For now, I am off to enjoy the long weekend…have a great holiday! -Joy

{A couple answers to your questions… I had the little chair made by a local architectural designer based on this actual full-sized chair which I own. I gocco’ed my pattern onto fabric with fabric ink and then did a mini upholstery job for the cushions! As for availability of my new line, I’ll post a list of shops once all of my current orders are fulfilled and will definitely keep you all posted when I am up-and-running on my own site for e-commerce. Thanks for your interest & support!}



  1. Hi! just wanted to congratulate you on your new line.. i really liked it.. specially the metallic journals.. i love the rounded side.. really good idea. hope you have good luck ’cause your work is really great.

  2. so glad to have found you on the featured typepad blog today, CONGRATS! i luv your blog and your work! ADORABLE and INSPIRING! what an exciting venture for you. can’t wait to watch your growth and success!

  3. hey joy, i am in love with your paper products! congrats on the line that is such a huge accomplisment. i def. want to get some of those metallic notebooks.. let me knwo where we can buy them!

  4. As I mentioned on Try This at Home, I cannot WAIT until I can get my hands on this stuff. I’ve already shared with some coworkers and they’re really excited for it too. Any idea of when a storefront will launch?

  5. I just saw you on featured on typepad, and am in love with your blog already! Congrats on your new line, and I’m a fan, not to mention it seems we have the same taste love it! I’ll be back often, and will be supporting your new venture!

  6. Hey Joy, welcome back. Everything looked wonderful at the show. It was great meeting you! Good luck with the line, it’s beautiful and I know you’ll have great sell-in results. Cheers!

  7. Congratulations! Your stuff is beautiful and you deserve all these wonderful things that are coming your way! Can’t wait to purchase Nataka Joy in a store near me! 🙂

  8. Oh my god finally u came back ! i was checking ur blog more than once daily to see if your back! so happy to see the pics and wish you the best ! great work on Nantaka Joy!

  9. You go girl! I’m eyeing that silver metalic journal already. I can’t wait to see it on the online stores (the only way I could order it from here). 😉 Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Congratulations on being a featured Typepad blog and on your first trade show! Your items look just lovely. T-Party didn’t make it to the stationary show but maybe we’ll catch up with you at the gift show, if you plan to do that one. Best of luck with your new line.

  11. Everything looks beautiful, Joy! I’m especially loving the metallic journals…and all of the graphic patterns are just so great. Not that we’d expect anything less! Congratulations – hope you’re able to get some rest!

  12. Congratulations on your show! I love my Gocco, they’re so much fun. Your new line looks lovely and I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  13. I know this is really late, but thanks for the Spray Glue link! Love your stuff. I own a small shop in sunny Singapore. Your work will do so much good here. Hope we’ll get them here some day.

  14. Joy, it was so great to meet you and everything you featured was wonderful– as was everyone else’s work at the Relish booth. I look forward to hearing about all your successes! Take care, Ana (Skylab Letterpress Lacky)


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