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  1. The bottom right icon is so them. All they talk about really…crap! In fact, this reminds me of the Topman tee i once bought for my “fortunate” boyfriend that says Largest Source Of Natural Gas! Haha!

  2. Hi Joy! Happy Friday!
    I tried to thank you on the post below this one (about the Domino guide) but I kept getting an error message:
    “An error occurred…
    Comments are not allowed on this entry.”
    So I’ll just say it here… THANK YOU so much for giving me a shout out on your blog, I really appreciate your support! 🙂

  3. does this remind anyone of the french female designer who makes shirts with beautiful embroidery (saying subversive/unexpected things)? does anyone know who i’m talking about? …. i had her page bookmarked but my laptop died. *sigh*


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