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temperley + target = love!


Temperley (one of my favorites!) is the latest to sign on to create a collection for Target! Here’s hoping the Target collection will have the same incredible detail and feminity that I love about her work. Read more here…also check out the Libertine for Target collection over at Love Made Visible


{images above from Temperly’s current (not Target) collection}


  1. i <3 Temperly too! how exciting! i feel like the designers that sign on get better and better. what did you think of Libertine for Target?

  2. Love Temperley! Temperley for Target- that will be worth checking out. I go into her Melrose Place store in LA all the time, but even the sale prices are a bit beyond my reach.

  3. sorry, but i’ve pretty much given up on target designer collections. the quality is never up to par (would rather spend money on vintage clothing) and the selection is bad. not worth the time.

  4. To Julie Wolfson
    i think, either you never have seen a target designer collection or you are some (poor) competitor. Spend your money somewhere else, lots of flee markets around.

  5. I was going to do exactly the same question. I love those sandals! do u have any idea where can I get them?


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