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girard’s quatrefoil


My current favorite fabric is the Alexander Girard Quatrefoil in silver. While searching the ends of the internet for the discontinued Acme Made bag with this print, I came across these great Eames Bikinis which come in a slew of mid-century prints – a fun little accessory if you’ve got an Eames wire chair.



  1. Oh Joy, I am sad to say that I own that bag. And it’s awsome. And no, I won’t sell it to you. But I too searched the ends of the internet for a matching pillow or something that I could afford in that glorious fabric. Never did find anything- but now that you bring it up – I know what I will be doing for the next 1/2 hour!

  2. Oh MY! Thank you so so SO much for featuring this fabric. I have been searching EVERYWHERE, for years now, for the creator and where/how to buy this and oh ..just thank you. 😉

  3. This pattern is probably my fave out of all of the Maharam Mid- Century Modern designs….I just love it, and the silver is fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing the photo of it on the chair. What a great idea.


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