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hooray for chicago


Hi everyone! My trip to Chicago was so much fun. Mostly spent eating and checking out shops I’ve loved from afar, it was a perfect trip. I visited a bunch of the recommendations given by readers which were so right on and incredibly helpful. Here are some small snippets from the trip…and, I’ll be posting later today about one of my new favorite shops in Chicago…


{left to right, top to bottom: sun salad from Crust (amazing), wall from Vosges(gorgeous), Maude the pug at Paper Doll, a home in the Bucktown (I think) area, hotdog from Hot Doug’s (super cheap and delicious), flat bread pizza from Crust, and another lovely home in Bucktown.}


  1. So glad you got a chance to hit up HotDougs!! Love that place.. And that’s the owner of the establishemt who greets you {every time!} to take your order. He loves meeting everyone!
    Hot Chocolate was a great pick as well..did you feast on any of their delectable mini desserts?
    At Crust I love the pizza with shrimp..oh. so. delectable!
    so glad you had a great time.

  2. oh my god — those houses are on my block (1700-1750 block of N. Winchester)! how funny. and thanks for making me re-appreciate asrai gardens. i pass it almost every day, but for some totally incomprehensible reason (well, ok, the heavy odor of candles, incense, flowers, etc) rarely stop in. i’ll fix that this week!

  3. that house is right across the street from my apartment. the trees always tip over when it storms and it takes a couple big guys to get them back up.
    love that you visited my neighborhood!

  4. hi…im soooo loving your a frustrated designer/kikay/lover-of-nice-things and i appreciate your posts so muchhh..
    if you dont mind im featuring your site on my multiply..thanks! 🙂

  5. Good for you.o you have a great trip to chicago and it looks like its so much fun i like the food there so delicious,i wish one of this day i can also experienced to go to chicago. 🙂


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