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WHO: Peggy Lo, owner of Figments – a shop in Providence, Rhode Island that stocks a gorgeous selection of paper goods and gift items.

Bold color for cold weather.

"I spotted this coat in Brimfield, MA. On the tag it said, "fab coat". It is indeed, fabulous! The color is apricot. It is heavy and fuzzy. I carried this coat in a 90+ degrees weather for hours. My daughter told me the coat reminds her of, ‘Muzzy’, a cartoon character in a language learning program for kids. The cut is surprisingly flattering but it’s not for everyone, thats why I love it!"



  1. I’m stopping in Providence for a day/night on my way up to NH in a few weeks, and I was just thinking about what I should check out while I’m there. Turns out my hotel is just a few blocks from Figments, so that’ll be my number one stop!

  2. I stopped by Figments when I was in Providence upon a friend’s recommendation. Peggy was super sweet and great to talk to, and the shop was fantastic! . . . As her currently loving pick- I’m a complete sucker for a good coat. Love it!

  3. Great coat in such a fun color. I recently found a fabulous vintage coat {in black} at an estate sale for $7 that left me on cloud nine for day. Don’t you just love great finds??

  4. Aundrea got it right, Lilli Ann coats are gorgeous. I follow them on ebay and in some online vintage stores. The great ones go really fast.

  5. When I was 15 I bought that coat off ebay in red. Gorgeous, very adorable and practical piece. Unfortunately the fuzziness made it look like someone had butchered and skinned Elmo for it. The reverse side of the fabric was lovely, and the construction quite simple, so I sent it to a tailor to have it reversed.
    Whaddayaknow…POOF! It got “lost” in their workshop. Christ was I pissed off.


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