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  1. Her first album, Mushaboom is amazing, you have to give it a try. Her sound is much more Norah Jones/old fashioned sounding, which I love!

  2. Her music is great. She’s also part of Broken Social Scene, who are great as well.
    As a Canadian, I always get confused. OK, is she well known in the states, or is it just here? It’s good that she is. She’s amazing.
    She says that video was shot in one take. I don’t know how, but wow.

  3. Her first (2nd) album is titled “Let it Die” – a true Canadian masterpiece. She is from my town (Calgary) and we are all so proud of her. And now she’s on OhJoy! 🙂

  4. I am, as someone said above, absolutely obsessed with my darling Feist. I am glad you liked her too! Her music is just absolutely FANTASTIC!

  5. She sings a song on the “Paris, je t’aime” soundtrack that is incredible. She does the french and english version. We danced to it at my wedding in Philly. Check it out!

  6. it’s so funny you’ve all fallen in love after seeing the commercial over and over again. for me, the commercial killed it and made me like the album less. they’ve actually been playing the same nano spot back to back here during every single prime time commercial break. it’s overkill.
    oh but i love “let it die”…

  7. My father asked me last night if I knew the name of the song that is played on the iPod commercial. I said yes and played it for him from the apple website. We were both bopping our heads to this happy-go-lucky tune! It’s funny to see which songs click with my father…


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