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WHO…Rebecca Thuss…award winning photo-stylist, creative director, wedding designer and crafter. This former Style Director of Martha Stewart Weddings and first Editor and Style Director of the premier issue of Blueprint currently runs a multidisciplinary photography and graphic design firm, ThussFarrell with her husband Patrick Farrell.

CURRENTLY LOVING…my plastic ponies…
I have many (too many)
collections of quirky things, but there is something about my plastic
horse collection that has me feeling inspired recently. I usually have
them spread around my loft; sometimes I use them in whimsical dinner
party centerpieces. However, a few weeks back I gathered many of them
up and gave them a nice home on the shelves above my desk in the
office. Isn’t there something so lovely about a collection of silly
objects that makes you grin? I guess it’s the little girl in me, but
toy horses are just super fun.



  1. I used to collect Breyer horses when I was younger; This makes me want to get them out of their box in the attic! Thanks!

  2. love! i collected breyers too as a kid, and though i’ve thinned the herd, i keep a few out. they look quirky and fun or romantic and glam, depending on the room/setting.

  3. i have the two breyer horses in the center too. my breyer horses are all boxed up b/c i have so many. you’ve inspired me to take out a few for decoration.

  4. I don’t know if Rebecca will read this, but I wanted to say thank you to her for being such a constant source of inspiration during her stay at MS Weddings. Oh yes, and a thank you very much must go to Joy as well!

  5. love this! thanks for sharing your collection. such a lovely set up. i have a whole slew of plastic ponies stored in the attic at my folks house from growing up…you’ve got me thinking…

  6. I still have a lot of my childhood toys with me, some I buy them now cos I can afford them. Can’t wait to get my own place to proudly display them!

  7. Boy does that bring back memories. I had a plastic pony and Madame Alexander doll collection when I was a kid. We had a house fire when I was in high school and they all melted into one big blob of plastic! I hadn’t thought of them in years. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  8. I totally LOVE this collection of horses. My best friend had tons of Breyers when we were little and we would have horse auctions and make up gambling games. 🙂 Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. It makes me want to run out and collect a bunch of horses!


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