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our bedroom in Domino’s decorating contest!


Hooray! The photo I entered for Domino’s decorating contest is in the current slide show of submissions & on Domino’s home page! Click here to check out the full slide show and to enter your own photo. The contest ends October 16th. Five finalists will be chosen by Domino by October 23rd and posted on the site for voting…




  1. I really love this room! I’m redoing my bedroom right now and didn’t know what to do with all the small prints I had until I saw this picture when you posted it the first time around. Thanks!

  2. the bedroom is beautiful. do you know the deadline for photo submission to the contest? i emailed Domino, but haven’t heard anything.

  3. wonderful! i’m going to vote right now…wink. i love the color on your walls…it used to be the color of my studio back in the states, :))
    and! i just opened the most lovely nataka joy package (beam) you are so sweet! i’m posting some adoration about it soon… xoxo

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