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Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life


I saw the new Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life book in person last night…and wow, it’s amazing! Edited and designed by Todd Oldham, this beautiful large format book tracks artist Charley Harper’s six decade long career. It’s a visual feast and chock full of his amazing illustrations. This one’s going on my Christmas wish list…



  1. This book is such a beauty!! I’m glad you love it too, and called it out. I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago, and MUST HAVE IT. The only thing is that I want two copies. One for my coffe table, and another to cut apart so that I can frame the pages!

  2. Ooh, I need that. Also reminds me that I must get the seriograph of his that my mom gave me for my birthday framed. It’s of a bluejay. LOVE it.

  3. Betty Crocker’s ‘Dinner for Two” features Charles Harpers’ illustrations and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s widely available on ebay and worth tracking down.


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