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hooray for philly biz night!


Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night for the Philly D*S Biz Meeting! We filled the couches and chairs of the DWR Studio on Walnut Street with great conversation…and everyone seemed to have a great time while meeting and listening to the informative speakers. Thanks to DWR for hosting, Teresa Chang, Bonnie Mazza, Pam Gibbs, Kim Zimmerman, and last but not least, Grace for speaking…AND for her amazing work in setting up the event! We’re thrilled to be the first stop on the D*S biz lady tour. If you’re in San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, or LA, check out the planned dates for an event in your area.



  1. I was so happy to be there – it was such a great event! Wish I had gotten a chance to talk with you – love your blog and your work. Will you be at the one here in Brooklyn in December?

  2. joy – what a great event! it was extremely informative and great to meet other women doing similar things. it would be great to keep it going in Philly. jj

  3. It was great to be there and meet you and Grace finally! I particularly enjoyed our discussion with Teresa and hearing Grace’s thoughts on PR!


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