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time for tea…


Grace just put together a gorgeous round-up of tea cups..and I may have a problem because I actually own three of the sets she mentioned! I’m a sucker for all things tea and especially love this ombre set by Kenzo on her list. See more of the Design*Sponge tea set picks here



  1. Ah yes, there is the occasional emergency in the house when no milk can be found for the tea. Then the inevitable trip to the store, at whatever hour, come hell or high water!
    Lovely color gradients.

  2. Okay, pardon my french here but “holy crap!” One, neglected to look at the “whole” teapot post by Grace! And two, Joy, why did you have to tempt me with this particular choice?! I’m trying to be better with the bank account…and now you’ve made it that much harder! Oy! My favorites!!!

  3. I have a wee problem with teacups also !!! So many teacups, teapots and all …
    I wanted to let you know that I am french, and know the place where they make these Kenzo sets.
    If you come to France one day, just let me know if you’re interested because I can tell you where you can find these for a bargain “factory shop” price !
    Take Kre
    x x x
    ♠ Petite Ace of Spades ♠


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