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WHO…Cheryl Porro of Cupcake Bakeshop blog. Each post features a unique cupcake recipe created by Cheryl and accompanied by her own photography. She is a software quality engineer by day and baker for hire by night.

CURRENTLY LOVING…aqua as an accent color, especially with red, fishnet stockings, and family.

Aqua has been showing up all over my house and usually with red – on my cupcakes, in home accents like this Kate Spade dinnerware and in my daughter’s wardrobe, like in these Roobeez baby shoes and this Janie and Jack dress. I can’t get enough of it. I am loving fishnets. I have them in black and nude. Having recently given birth I am feeling less than sexy. A little fishnet peaking out from under my jeans is just enough to help me get over it. And of course, family, as a long-time single and busy woman, I was not prepared for the joy that marriage and motherhood would bring. It’s pretty awesome.


  1. Hi Joy! I had no idea you were a new mom. Congrats! I too can relate to the wonderful joy marriage and family brings after being single and busy. It’s super fun to add design to your family life as well. Can’t wait for the next year and all that you have to bring us!

  2. All of these things are adorable (anything from Janie and Jack is to die for cute) but I think the red slippers in the fishnets picture are cutest of all! I’m definitely loving those 🙂

  3. i would love to know who makes cheryl’s red shoes – i got a pair like that in pink at a clothing swap and loved them dearly until they broke one sad day. i never could decipher the tag to figure out who made the shoes.

  4. Hi guys, Cheryl said they are available at a store in San Francisco. They were designed by a woman who works there. They have them in red, brown, and black and I have all three colors! Anyway, the store is called Rabat and its on 24th Street in Noe Valley…


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