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WHO…Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.

CURRENTLY LOVING…Lady-like fonts. I’ve become obsessed with fonts lately – every time a new Veer catalog comes in the mail I imagine how letters and post titles would look written in each style. Lately I’m loving anything that has a feminine, hand-written feel to it. Veer’s Burges, Feel and Marmalade types are my favorite. And of course the one that inspired my current craze would be Blueprint’s logo type.

{Photo of Emerson’s in Brattelboro, Vermont.}


  1. I also love fonts, and I love those ladylike ones you have chosen. I have been very fonty recently as I have been having my new blog banner designed (I say new – I mean first!). Shopping in Paris this afternoon I noticed how many calligraphy materials are available here – I would love to learn calligraphy some time…

  2. Really? Are those font collections really $5,999? I see this font for $99, but I’m astounded by the cost of the entire collection. Aside from the high price tag… yes, quite lovely!

  3. Most of these fonts were designed by Sudtipos, and Argentine foundry with which I just happen to be obsessed. Seriously, google them and join me in my undying love for them. I want everything they design. I’ve used their fonts on my blog and get emails asking for more info on the font! People don’t care about what I write, but they sure do like that font!


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