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  1. I love Maija Louekari’s designs, it’s so sad that Marimekko totally ripped her off. They payed her 500€ and 5m of fabric for her Ho Hoi! design. Pretty shocking!!

  2. Oh my, oh my, these are just lovely. She has a beautiful color palette. Her eye glass print reminds me of Kate Bingaman-Burt’s drawings at Obsessive Consumption. As a young designer myself, I both love and hate hearing about great work done by folks who are younger than me. It lights a real fire under your bum to keep making!

  3. fantastic… yay for 26 year olds! 🙂
    ps i actually thought that was part of the obsessive consumption too…i guess sunglasses are sunglasses. 🙂

  4. that’s so sad about how much they paid her! the same thing almost happened to me with a well known company. you have to be assertive and well informed to not get ripped off. but it’s do hard to do when your young. but no worries, if she keeps up the work she can demand what she wants when she’s a household name. go maija!


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