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  1. I love visiting OhJoy and subscribe to your feed. This was such a nice find – the photos are indeed noteworthy! Their packaging is gorgeous, too. I featured the packaging on theDieline (credits to you, of course!) Thanks for the wonderful posts!

  2. Jin Patisserie is indeed great, but for my money, the macarons at Paulette pale in comparison to the ones up the street (on Pico and LaPeer) at La Provence!

  3. if you don’t want to schlep over to Beverly Hills, there’s Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake, which has great gelato and macaroons as well.

  4. oh nelly! those look sooo good. if you’re ever in brooklyn, joyce bakery ( on vanderbilt avenue has delicious macaroons. I had the rosewater + pistachio last week


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