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stowe anyone?



This is totally non-design related, but you guys are so well-traveled and have given such great tips in the past…I wanted to see if anyone has recommendations for places to stay in Stowe, Vermont. My husband and I are thinking about a little ski getaway to Stowe next month and are looking for a hotel/resort/lodge near the mountain that’s nice without being over-the-top expensive. So far it seems like there are either really expensive places or those on the cheap..not as many nice, in-between options.

If you’d like to share your thoughts or have any recommendations for us, feel free to leave a comment or email me at: info {AT} Thank you in advance!

{UPDATE: Thanks so much to everyone for their great advice, tips, and
suggestions! The Green Mountain Inn was a clear winner, and we’re really excited about the trip ;)}


  1. vermont is a big state, but if you’re up for doing other things you must stop by the ben and jerry’s factory in waterbury! downtown burlington, vt. is also a very pretty place with nice restaurants and shops. have fun!

  2. I went during the summer for a friend’s wedding and stayed at the Brass Lantern Inn.
    You can see the mountain so it may not be that close….but, highly recommend.
    Waterbury is just on your way to Stowe from the highway so be sure to drop by Ben & Jerry’s.
    Also, Simon Pearce is on the way to VT (from NYC at least) in Quechee, VT. Simon Pearce has a beautiful store and restaurant, but this is another good option in Quechee.

  3. I second the Green Mountain Inn! My aunt lived near Stowe and worked at the Trapp Family Lodge for years. My mom and I stayed at the inn once and it was quit pleasant. The Whip (the hotel restaurant) is killer, too, they have the best salad dressing!

  4. I stayed at the Black Bear Inn once (actually for v-day) and it was a really nice independently owned place. ( What I liked is that each room has a “vermont stove” (like a fireplace) and a jacuzzi on your own porch. The downside is that it isn’t right in Stowe. Besides Ben and Jerry’s, I highly recommend visiting Magic Hat brewery and Cabot cheese. Magic Hat has a bunch of great local beers on tap at the brewery and let’s you sample beers they are testing out, but don’t sell yet. And cabot cheese has all of their reserve cheeses at their factory store near Ben and Jerry’s. MMMM…. I also recommend visiting downtown Burlington which has a great Main Street to waste an afternoon exploring. Enjoy the slopes!

  5. The Green Mnt inn is very nice….close to all things Stowe too. I recomend considering Burlington too just in case you want to get out and for good restuarants and some live entertainment, etc. The Sheraton is right off the hwy and 45 min from Stowe. I grew up in Burlington and there are too many good options to list. Let me know if you have any questions.

  6. If you like Mexican food, you should try Miguels Stowe Away. It’s great! It’s also an inn, but I wouldn’t recommend staying there! The Stoweflake and Top Notch are the 2 premiere hotels in Stowe but they are pretty expensive.

  7. My husband and I were in Stowe MLK weekend and stayed at the Stowe Motel and Snowdrift. It’s definitely more “on the cheap” than “in-between” but it was perfect for what we needed– a clean(spotless), warm place to relax after a day of skiing. Its decorated motel-style which I didn’t mind so much since the room had a fireplace, a small kitchenette, and a really pretty view out the window. They also offer snowshoes, and it’s right on the recreational path if you want to do any hiking. It’s a short walk to Piecasso’s(fantastic pizza). Check out McCarthy’s for breakfast- very cozy and vermont-ish and great french toast. Have fun!

  8. A “don’t bother” tip–we stayed at the condos at The Inn at the Mountain last month, which are advertised as “ski in, ski out.” It’s technically possible, and we did it, but the reality is that you hike to the bottom of the resort’s worst lift, and when you ski back it’s down a completely ungroomed, branch-strewn mess of a path that leads to the back of a utility barn and a large patch of ice and gravel. Great for your skis. Then you cross the road and wander down to the condos. So….not worth it.
    But well worth it are the basic frozen margaritas at the Cactus Cafe. Killer.
    I’ll be interested to check out the new inn that they are building *really* at the base of Stowe’s smaller mountain. It’s due to open this spring or summer.

  9. My family and I have stayed at the Von Trapp Family Lodge, The same Von Trapp’s as the movie. When Maria and Georg left Austria, they settled in Stowe! If you like/love the movie and want a little added bonus to your accomodations, this is the place.
    It is still family run and very quaint.
    We’ve been there in the winter for skiing, as well as in the Fall when the colours are changing and on their estate you can actually feel like the hills are alive. 🙂

  10. I grew up in Stowe. Of course that makes me bias… but I have to say I think it is one f the most beautiful places in North America.
    Stay at the Green Mountain Inn. You’ll be right in town and a gorgeous 7 mile drive to the mountain. Definitely don’t miss out on the Mountain Ale at the Shed. I don’t even drink beer unless it if from that place and it never disappoints!.
    Have fun!

  11. If you have a chance on the way up or back, stop at Simon Pearce glass & pottery in Woodstock, Vermont ( They have a beautiful shop and you can watch them blowing glass in the basement workshop. The restaurant is also a fantastic place to have lunch, and it overlooks a river and dam. Be sure to check out the ‘seconds’ section for beutifully imperfect pieces, and ‘Simon Pearce Home’ across the street. Have fun!

  12. Simon Pearce is a must!!! You should have lunch while you shop. The Cheddar Cheese soup is the best I have ever had!! Also make sure to try Switchback beer at one of your meals. My friend is a brewer there and it is a very popular Vermont microbrew. Shopping on Chruch Street in Burlington is very fun as well.

  13. I whole-heartedly agree with the recommendations for the Green Mountain Inn as well as Miguel’s stowaway for Mexican food. The Grey Fox Inn is a great place for brunch. They have fabulous dutch pancakes (I’m partial to the apple-cinnamon ones myself).

  14. Last summer, I stayed at TOPNOTCH resort and spa….fantastic! the food was great. The spa has a terrific lounge area and a wide offering of treatments They have an indoor pool and hot tub. The outdoor pools overlook the slopes. The rooms are quite large….the beds are the best! Quality sheets (better than my own), down comforters, quilts….no cheap hotel sheets here! I don’t work for them; I just truly enjoyed my experience there.
    **I recommend Mr. Pickwick’s for dinner. They have awesome variety of beer and the best beef wellington I have tasted.

  15. I totally recommend The TOPNOTCH. It’s really fantastic. My husband and I use to go twice a year. {before we had the kids a few years ago} We usually stayed once in the summer, and once in the winter. The spa, the tennis, the food, and the location is fantastic {close to the slope – and close to lots of great restaurants} They do have a wonderful restaurant there too. We have never had a bad room or experience there!

  16. Green Mountain Inn! So glad you are staying there! Family has a house in stowe!! Sister got married at green mountain!
    I must recommend The Shed, on the mountain rd. Brew their own beer, order the “ski” and hot wings.. you won’t regret it!! Best Apres Ski- hands down!!
    Heard the snow is great right now!!!


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