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feeling bursts of cobalt blue today…



{left to right, top to bottom: tuilleries alden shift by kate spade, beaded paisley necklace from j.crew, port elizabeth pitcher, noguchi standing blue lamp, dargate prussian blue fabric from purl, josef frank la plata fabric, lapis no. 5 bag from hable construction, phuze design’s glass cocktail ring, and jean-michel cazabat peep toe shoes.}


  1. Oh man, the lamp…
    You’re on the yellow and white bandwagon, right? I’m trying to remember who has been posting all the refreshing yellow stuff (I know it’s everywhere)… I was at Target yesterday and they had these fabulous faux-lacquer trays (long and narrow plus a normal breakfast-in-bed size with cut-out handles) in black or yellow, each with white trim. They were cheap and wonderful. I took some photos…

  2. One of my favourite colours right now! Not too predominant in the stores here though so I’ve only got a few pieces. This makes me want more…like those shoes!

  3. lovin that ring and that lamp! i’ve been checking your blog almost everyday now and i just have to say i love it! you’re so creative! isn’t this and yellow the color of the season? feels like it…;)


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