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{uppercase} currently loving…


It’s been a few weeks since the last "currently loving" series, so I’m happy to have a photo from the typography-loving shop owner of UPPERCASE Gallery in Canada.


WHO…Janine Vangool, graphic designer & owner of UPPERCASE Gallery located in downtown Calgary, Canada.

my new (old) red 1956 Royal De Luxe typewriter that I found on ebay (for a deal!) These Royals were solidly built and it still works well. I use it to make price labels in my store. I am also looking forward to the "Chains" exhibition starring poet Derek Beaulieu who has made visual poems out of letraset. He brought in this preview piece a few days ago. I am also currently — and likely perpetually — infatuated with vintage flash cards, which I am collecting for an exhibition that I hope to organize for August/September of this year. It is called "Old School" and celebrates the aesthetics of early- to mid-20th century education. I will be sending out packs of vintage school ephemera to artists so that they can create work for the show. If anyone is interested in participating, they can send me an email with a link to their portfolio. And last, but not least, is the Petite Pattern Book series. These Japanese books have pattern upon pattern of royalty-free artwork, beautifully presented within the books and conveniently archived on cds. I look forward to incorporating some of these patterns into my design work.


  1. hi i love your blogname im sooo jelous (why didn’t I come up with that dmn!), i love the picture and i dig ur style – kinda what i like.
    im gonna be a reg reader for sure 🙂


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