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  1. oh my goodness – i think i just feel out of my chair – i never leave my home without a moleskine – off to check this out – you are amazing joy – thank you! xoox

  2. Custom designed moleskines are such a nice idea!
    the moleskine planners seemed to have disappeared from existence. i can’t find them anywhere since the barnes & nobles around Orange County doesn’t have them anymore… Is anyone else in this predicament?

  3. wow. the first one is a pattern called “urban toile” from a wallpaper designer. JUST TODAY i pulled out the original article (from december i think- to show a girlfriend of mine..) thats so weird to run across it again!

  4. Hey Everyone!
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Leen, your right, that’s one of Cole’s designs, I’m excited to see what else he submits, I love his new ‘wooden deer’ screen print!
    And Jessica, I’m glad you’ve seen Dan Funderburgh’s work before, his wallpapers are incredible! I can’t wait to find a permanent storefront, I’m going to cover the place with his wonderful patterns : )

  5. Just a heads up: Engrave Your Book is back. After discovering that laser engraving art directly onto PVC Moleskines is an unsafe manufacturing process, we’ve developed a USA-made leather cover which slips seamlessly over Moleskine notebooks. Not only does the leather cover look fantastic engraved, it’s reusable and will only get better with age.
    Happy New Year!


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