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virginia johnson’s illustrations


After posting about some of Virginia Johnson’s pieces yesterday, it was a nice surprise to come across her freelance illustration work. Many people don’t realize that designers who have product lines usually other have other client-based work that they do part-time or full-time in addition to their namesake lines. I love seeing the other side of a designer’s work and how their style translates for their clients. You might recognize Virginia’s illustrations from some of Kate Spade’s recent books!


  1. As an artist, I think it’s really inspirational to see designers working in different mediums. It’s so exciting to be an artist, there are so many different things to explore. But also so easy to get discouraged and pigeon holed.

  2. This does remind me of summer. Puts me in a very good mood…simple…fresh…luminous. Reminded me right away of the Kat Mcleod illustrations in this month’s Real Simple magazine.


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