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terrain…amazing! {part 1}



Marissa and I took a trip over to Terrain at Styer’s today (the 4th brand from Urban Outfitters previewed last week here)…and wow…all I can say is we were totally blown away. The fact that we spent almost four hours there says it alone. The new home & garden lifestyle concept turned out to be even more amazing than we could have imagined. The setting is airy, lush, and peaceful with a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces.


The greenery, retail space, and selection of products are incredibly well done. A mix of modern, handmade, organic, sustainable, imported, and simply beautiful items fill the indoor and outdoor spaces. Integrated into displays are pieces from Thailand, India, and Africa as well as locally found objects. The details are impeccable as is the merging of plants into the lifestyle space. The space was a true reflection of the amazing mix of talents that developed the concept and created this space.


A favorite of mine…beautiful packaging with photographic florals on kraft bags and faux bois gift boxes.


We also had a chance to have lunch in the café which happened to open today. Fresh, local food inspired by the current seasons were served in an airy and bright greenhouse style space.


Terrain does have plans to expand to other locations across the country…but for the time being, those of you outside Pennsylvania may just have to schedule a little weekend trip over to the Philadelphia area. You could seriously spend a whole day here alone.
Although I took a TON of photos…Terrain at Styer’s
is even better in person. These are a few overview
shots of the 11 acre retail space…stay tuned for {Part Two} tomorrow with more details and photos from this
amazing new retail space.


  1. So lovely. I want to go! Are the sales staff wearing those Lotta Jansdotter aprons that I coveted, didn’t buy and are now sold out?? I’m jealous!

  2. Wow. I hope they one in Seattle. Was the garden stuff mainly oriented towards ornamentals? Or was there stuff for kitchen gardeners, too?

  3. hi jill,
    the waitresses in the cafe are wearing aprons custom made from japanese linen. they’re really cute!
    and willi…there were definitely great items for indoor and kitchen gardens too…!

  4. Thank you Joy for sharing so many informations and photos about Terrain. I couldn’t find any photos of the store on their website or anywhere else on the web and now I have a clear idea of how beautiful the store is. I will look forward to part two!

  5. The space was absolutely spectacular! A photo can’t even do it justice. I encourage anyone who is close enough to check it out!

  6. The sneak peaks look gorgeous. I worked in a green house over the summer during my college years, and it was the best experience.

  7. If anyone is looking for a similar store/concept in the St. Louis, Missouri area check out Bowood Farms! We are now in our third season and had this idea first!(ha!) We, too, are a garden center/lifestye/cafe kind of store and we grow most of our own plant material at our farm. We, however, are family owned and operated.

  8. i saw this posting and drove 8 hours to Philadelphia this past weekend. so worth it!! thank you so much for putting up all of the photos and info. 🙂

  9. Hi, I work with the editorial team at Display & Design Ideas magazine, and we are writing a news story about company offshoots, including Terrain. We have not received any images from the company, however, and were hoping we could print yours (you would get full photo credit). Please let me know. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks so much – I look forward to hearing back from you.


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