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  1. those lanterns are beautiful! i am obsessed as as well. i just called them to ask if i can get them mailed to me in New York 🙂

  2. hey courtney…everything in between…some pieces are as low as $4 for a card, $18 for a vase, $30 for beauty care…those punched metal lamps are in the high $400’s i think..and then there are pieces all the way up to $8,000.
    there are definitely some smaller accessories and pieces that are reasonable but not cheap. but also a lot of found and imported items that are definitely expensive.
    beth/woman…more locations in the works, but nothing announced yet! you will have to come here to this one in the mean time 😉

  3. I want to go! It wold be quite a long drive from Cali though, ha. Maybe we will be the next to get one. *fingers crossed*

  4. It’s a bit frustrating that there is so little information online… I’m surprised by that. Why no elaborate website? Too soon?

  5. hi angela,
    there should be more info. coming up soon on the website. hopefully in the next couple weeks!

  6. It’s KILLING me this is all the way across the country – I hope they are wildly successful and they open one in California.
    In the meantime thank you for the photos.

  7. I love the lanterns and the tree-trunk table stand. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that this shop is on the east coast – usually all these great places are always in California. How nice to have a great style source out our way for a change!

  8. oh thank you for this!! really, it’s killing me that it’s so far away, I even just blogged about it a few days back. Your pics will have to satisfy me for now, all that gorgeous greenery, love it!

  9. Great photos of Terrain on your gallery. The Terrain merchandising style seems similar to the Smith & Hawkens look. I was disappointed to not see pictures of what their green goods departments look like… I wonder if they notched it up as well, or stayed with the traditional outdoor merchandising look of trees & shrubs? I was expecting to see more in that area if they really want to stand out in the marketplace. Gifts are great, but the plants make a nursery.

  10. hey garden guy,
    there was a TON of outdoor merchandise and green goods. it just happens that i took more photos of the inside then outside.

  11. Ah! Looks so nice, I was supposed to visit on Sunday, my friend Adam worked on the merchandising. Looks great, can’t wait to see it!

  12. The food at the cafe is worth the trip alone. The whole experience was amazing. Can’t wait to take my friends out to lunch. Everything was so fresh and well I’ll just say it…PERFECT. Thanks for a wonderful time.

  13. Thank you for posting these lovely pictures. Our son Matt is one of the landscape design team. He especially loves designing the planters. We can’t wait to visit.

  14. DISAPPOINTING!! as a previous post mentioned this is not an original but a take off of peterswham nursery in richmond england. take a look at their site and see what i mean. had hoped for an original concept.


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