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  1. I love these. I just recently bought a clutch and gave it to one of my girlfriends for her baby shower and it was the talk of the party. Every mom will love the chance to carry the necessities but still be fashionable:)

  2. Where were these bags ten years ago when I was lugging around my very fashionable light pink with baby elephants bag. Who thought up that fashion disaster, and why did I buy it?! Love the “Grown Up” diaper bag- very hip!

  3. I agree these bags are gorgeous, however I worked at Due Maternity for two years and we carried these and could NEVER sell them!!! They weigh a ton…it is like carrying another kid. On top of that, people would want to return them because they couldn’t get alot of stains out of them. So just put some thought in before you spend almost $300 on this bag. What’s pretty is not always practical.

  4. holy smokes! I am in the market for a new one and love that they could be used as a purse waaay after baby is all grown up. Gonna put this on my bbirthday/baby shower/christmas wish list!

  5. Wow, just beautiful! I’m so getting one of these little lovelies. Thanks for posting. I’m such a sucker for the carpet bags of yesteryear…
    Saw them IRL yesterday since I was concerned about the heavy comment posted here and learned they have a 2nd generation out that has been reworked. Yippee! I held the Carryall style IRL and it’s not any heavier than my Orla Kiely Hold All tote. I must say, they are stunning in person. Just one question, can I justify the money if I tell my husband it’s a collectors item? 🙂


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