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happy friday + my very own set of keys



Have a great holiday weekend everyone! I’m going to take Monday off to catch-up from my week away and will see you again on Tuesday! Some friends got me these porcelain keys I’ve been so in love with for my birthday..I love them! Thanks guys!


  1. Dear Joy,
    Happy late birthday. Thank you for your review on Bodega. I’m going to visit tomorrow. I found you by googling Bodega.
    Happy weekend,

  2. I love that your friends got those for you for your birthday. And I love that you wanted those for your birthday. So awesome 🙂 And so lucky! Happy long weekend!

  3. those keys are the cutest thing i have EVER seen! oh they are adorable!
    your website is ace!
    fancy swapping links?
    comment me back or email me 🙂
    love from blossomclothing


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