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nervous system



During the short spurts we had to check out other things at the Show, I popped down to ICFF’s Designboom Mart to check out the fun goods for sale. One of my favorites were the jewelry pieces by Nervous System. I had seen their work on Love Made Visible last year and loved seeing them in person. The delicate forms inspired by the aggregate growth of coral and lace-like structures cut from silicone rubber are just gorgeous.


  1. Just wanted to say that I have that white lacy rubber cuff and it is even more amazing in person–really comfortable and so lightweight. The only complaint I have is that the ribbon used to tie it is considerably less elegant than the piece deserves. Thanks for posting about Nervous System, Joy!

  2. These sure were wonderful as well as some other great talent in the Designboom section. Thanks for sharing photo’s I didn’t capture these!

  3. I adore this work. I saw it on Etsy recently, I deserves for everyone to know about it. Modern materials mixed with contemporary designs, inspired by nature, what could be better?


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