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hello + a few more images…



Hi everyone, I just got back home from the show today! Thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes. I had an amazing time and really enjoyed this year’s show even more so than last year. It’s always so nice to meet people in person who you have only corresponded with from afar and connect with those who are in the same business. I wanted to share a few more photos before I take the rest of the day off for some much needed rest. Here are a few close-up shots of some of my newest pieces from Nantaka Joy and I’ve posted more here on Flickr. The photos I took at the show weren’t great with that Javits lighting..but stay tuned for more when they’re up on my website and in stores for sale soon…

Also, check out great coverage of the rest of the show over at Design*Sponge today & tomorrow. Grace will be posting five parts of her favorite finds of the show!


  1. Happy bday joyous! I love the notebook on the far right. Hao saw your line at Anthropologie! Congrats woman.

  2. Hi Joy,
    It was so great seeing you (and Meg) at the show! You are as warm and lovely as I had imagined–Needless to say, your new Nantaka Joy collection rocks :).
    Hope you get some good zzzs,


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