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totally random…



…but SO cute! Excuse my non-design post for a moment while I share with you this ridiculously cute image of Pito…a cat that my friend Jenn saw while in Japan on a recent trip. Pito wears a backpack and sits like a person on his owner’s lap…and is so comfortable that he falls asleep that way. He looks like my cat Bruce except Bruce doesn’t have a backpack. See a few more photos of Pito here.

{Turns out Pito is a very popular cat! See more photos of him from others here and here and here.}


  1. Your non-design posts are just as “pretty”. I do hope there’s more of them 🙂 Like the 10 reasons i love…i have 2 rabbits, heehee!
    to sara: nice one! iphone…haha!

  2. what a coincidence! we saw Pito during our recent trip to tokyo as well. we saw him and his owner holding tourists captive at takeshi dori in harajuku! adorable little cat!


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