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{chicago sweet spot} rich chocolates



Last summer when I visited a friend in Chicago, I seriously fell in love with the city and added it to the list of cities I’d totally love to live in. It was that summer I also found out about an amazing new chocolate line based in Chicago called Rich Chocolates. Chocolatier Lauren Pett brings her love of childhood and pop culture to her whimsical and creative morsels. With flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip, Pecan Pie, and Animal Crackers made of milk chocolate and praline wafer….yum! For now, Rich Chocolates is only available locally in Chicago at The Sweet Collective, but stay tuned for nationwide shipping come this holiday season.

{photos by Sara Remington}


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  2. Oh my gosh… that was an evil set of pictures to post!
    I recently moved home to London after living at Atlanta. The tasty treats here just don’t live up to the deliciousities available in the US. Cupcakes, for example.

  3. It is so nice to hear you say such nice things about Chicago. I am a born and raised proud Chicago girl who is constantly finding new reasons to declare this the best city in the world!

  4. I am a life time Chi Town girl as well… didn’t know about these chocolates though….
    It is great that you recognize Chicago as a great place to live- I have traveled to nearly all the world’s “great” cities- yet Chicago always seems to be the best for me!
    Thanks for the great posts


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