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summer slumber



I’m feeling like our bed at home needs a new outfit and I love these two duvets from DwellStudio called Thicket and Hedgerow. You know someone’s done a great job styling when you want to live in the photo…yup, that bedroom scene on the right…I’ll take the whole thing please! Oh, and I’ll take that mobile on the left too…


  1. Ooh, I have the one on the right. But it doesn’t look that cool in my room 🙁 as I didn’t surround it with cool art.
    But it is lovely.

  2. I have the Dwell postcard (with the same picture of Hedgerow) I got when I saw them at the Atlanta market hanging at my desk. I LOVE Dwell SO SO much! I have the chocolate brown Silhouette duvet at home. I definitely love both of these new patterns, but your Chinoiserie is a Dwell classic and is SO beautiful! Hello, didn’t you make it in Domino with that duvet?!


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