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  1. I really love the vanilla infusion satu perfume. It’s got a great scent – not at all overtly vanilla. And for a perfume, it’s reasonably priced!

  2. it seems that we have very similar taste. i considered buying that karta dress for my wedding and have been eyeing that makr wallet for a couple of weeks. kudos!

  3. Today is my birthday and you are cordially invited to my party down by the river. Wear loose fitting clothes and don’t drive due to the excessive amounts of food and champagne that is on offer.
    Di at Designers Block

  4. Check out for some amazing antique looking jewelry. She also has a bridal collection, complete with hairpieces made from vintage findings! Everything is so lovely and inspiring.

  5. I have been searching everywhere for the Satu Vanilla Infusion Perfume. I saw the picture of the bottle above. Does anyone know where I can find this perfume. It was given to be as a gift and I would love to purchase it. Thank you.

  6. @25 – I have been searching for Satu’s Vanilla Infusion for a very, very long time as well. Can’t find it anywhere. Apparently Anthropologie no longer makes it. What a bummer! Maybe we could buy the patent on it and sell it to the rest of the searchers! I simply MUST have it again!!!

  7. I know it’s years after this post has been written, but I was obsessed with this perfume back when it was still available and have continued to search in vain for something comparable once my bottle ran out. I’m not sure if this is true of everyone’s body chemistry, but I have found that Anthropologie’s current “Lotus Elixir Rollerball Perfume, Ananda/Bliss” smells remarkably similar to Satu’s Vanilla Infusion. It’s only $12.00, too.
    Not sure if anyone will read this, but I feel like I’ve discovered fire, finally finding something close to this discontinued unicorn. Anyway, hope this helps someone out.


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