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finally mine…



…after eyeing these from a far I finally got my hands on a set of these peacock plates last night. They really are too pretty to use and being that I only got one set, they’ll be hung on the wall rather than used for dining…

{special thanks to adam and the other folks at the walnut st. anthro store for being super helpful finding these yesterday! photo by anthropologie}


  1. Isn’t anthropologie the best? I doubt I could eat off them either, def. art for the wall! We’re finally getting a store here in Omaha and I cannot wait! No more driving 2 hours!

  2. gorgeous! i’m also wondering how you’re planning on hanging them. adhesive hanger on the back of the plates or traditional plate hanger?

  3. hi nyla, since they are ceramic, i am using plate hangers…i’d be worried that the adhesive wouldn’t hold the weight of them.


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