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get organized for fall…



Just in time for fall, a special set of {limited edition} file folders from my Nantaka Joy collection are now available exclusively at Anthropologie stores (not online).
The set of 8 kraft file folders (4 of each design) are adorned with copper leaves and silver florals. They are just hitting Anthropologie  stores this week and will be in stores across the country within the next week or

{photos by karen wise}


  1. oh these are SO much prettier than the old, tired, manila folders i use in my classroom…and mine have their labels scratched out over and over again so they can be reused…oh boy are they ugly suckers! these on the other hand…oh i would smile everyday if i was using them! 🙂

  2. with every new project i take on, i start with a fresh manilla file folder. wouldn’t these lovelies make beginning a new project all the more rewarding and add a bit of beauty, to boot!?

  3. Hi Joy,
    I LOVE your file folders. I just launched an online store and wanted to know when you would have file folders available for other retailers? Most of my store caters towards the chic and stylish office so when I saw your file folders I was instantly in love. Please do email me when you get a chance.
    [email protected]

  4. Aww, does that mean I can’t get my hands on some? They’re really lovely, Joy!
    Are those your birthday porcelain keys I see? Imagine if they were for an actual filing cabinet for your files!

  5. hi everyone!
    thanks for your nice words. for those of you not in the US…
    i’ll have them available for sale on my site mid-november and can ship to you directly then. just sign up on my mailing list at and you’ll get the email when they for sale online.
    oh, and julie..yes, those ARE my birthday keys – good eye 😉

  6. I just put two packs on hold at the Boylston street Anthro! One for me and one for a lucky friend. These will make filing paperwork so much fun

  7. Man, I so wish I could find these! Neither of the closest stores to me said they had them… maybe they’re just getting them late? I hope I can buy a set, because I absolutely LOVE them, and can’t wait to buy them!

  8. Hi Joy,
    I found your notebook at Anthropology yesterday…! It looked adorable at the shelf! What a cute little poppy 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new design at the store. Lovely!


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