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laura kicey



My friend Jenn was telling me about Laura Kicey’s work the other day…specially her ‘construct’ series, which are digitally montaged imaginary walls,
created from photographic pieces of architecture she’s been collecting
for years. At first glance, they look incredibly really and like beautiful buildings I wish I saw walking down the street. See more of Laura’s work here and her etsy shop right here


  1. I love laura’s work. I was so surprised when I received a pantone mailer with one of her construct images on it! Thanks for featuring her work – I think everyone should know about her!

  2. i love the colour combination but the different shadows are sharp in the first and gives it away. The second one is more uniform; so cloudy days are what she needs perhaps 🙂

  3. I’m lucky enough to have Laura as a great friend & wedding photographer, and as an oh joy addict I was super excited to see her on your blog!! She definitely deserves the exposure, so thanks for pimping my girl! 🙂


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