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I was a little behind in watching the first part of the season finale of Project Runway this week, but after seeing Grace’s preview of Leanne Marshall’s Fashion Week pieces, I had to get to the TIVO at once. She is hands down my pick for winner. And I am so sad I didn’t know she had an Etsy shop before she was on the show and famous. While all of these pieces are sold out and no longer available, I really love and had to share this one


  1. yay leanne! she is always so great and i sneaked and looked at the bryant park stuff and i think she is going to win! her etsy stuff ranged from $200-500 for some of the fancier things (i’m almost positive–could be a little off).

  2. Cindy from Quaint Handmade just directed me over here because she knows I’m a huge Project Runway lover. I had heard one of the contestants had an Etsy store but wasn’t sure who it was. Now I like Leanne even more.
    Have a lovely weekend, Joy.

  3. i really loved the top 4 designers this year (despite kenley being a bounch). i was sad to see one get cut after all their hard work.
    i’m rooting for leanne too but i’m seriously pumped to see all their designs – i think it’ll be a great finale

  4. I love Leanne! Not surprised to learn she has an etsy shop. Her collection was the most beautiful thing Ive seen on the runway. I really hope she wins.

  5. I am die-hard Project Runway fan and have been rooting for Leanne since day #1. I was estactic when she won! I truly love her collection. SO, thank you for the link. I always on Etsy and surprised I haven’t come across her page (but of course, there are millions of pages!)


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