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happy friday + get baked



Design & food blogs have been buzzing about the new book from Brooklyn’s Baked. I ordered my copy last week and it is truly the best combo of fun recipes, amazing photos, and a fun woodsy book design. I do wish the recipes magically could make themselves and appear in front of me baked and ready, but I’ll have to settle with making them myself! Have a great weekend everyone…

{photos from Baked by Tina Rupp}


  1. Baked is our favorite bakery! We even had them cater the dessert table at our wedding. I’m so looking forward to picking up a copy of their new book but I know I’ll head over there for treats before I actually make any of the recipes myself 😉

  2. This is a beautiful cookbook! I’m excited that I my husband just bought it for me and there are several recipes I’m dying to make asap – especially the sweet & salty cake. Enjoy!

  3. bah! I know, I want to eat that sweet and salty cake so badly! Bad enough that I’ll do like all 15 steps to make it. Ha. It’s a fab book. Worth every penny. And they really give you the little details that you need when baking to make things turn out right.


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