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  1. Hello Jamie,
    Yes, the spoons are fully functional:-) They are unglazed but fully vitrified (fired to a really high temperature) and so resist water, etc. You can eat from them, use them to serve jams or salt or just enjoy how beautiful they look!
    I hope this helps.

  2. have never seen more splendid spoons – but I do hope that the chemicals won’t start coming off after months of usage and heat.

  3. Olivia,
    Thank you for bringing up the chemical concern. The spoons are pure bone china with no chemicals, finishes or patinas — nothing to wear off over time. Being vitrified makes them as strong and water resistant as glass and although they look delicate, they are extremely durable.
    We hope that helps!

  4. These. Are. Amazing. As a photo stylist for a food magazine, I simply have to find a place for these in the pages. They are so charming and so sweet, and such a fun and beautiful way of recreating something you use 3 times a day!


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