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I just got back from San Francisco a couple days ago and had an amazing trip! The weather was amazing, and it was the perfect mix of business & pleasure. While at Miette in Hayes Valley {best French macarons!}, I picked up a few pieces of chocolate tiles by Poco Dolce. A great balance of sweet & salty, they make for the perfect grown up treat.


  1. what is it about Salty and Sweet? I just posted about these amazing dark chocolate caramels coated in Dead Sea Salt from Trader Joes. To die for!

  2. I just discovered poco dolce on a recent trip to San Fran and also fell in love. I was delighted to see your post… and theo too! Perfect reminder to order some almond coconut poco dolce tiles from their site!

  3. Oh I went there on my last trip in SF, too! it’s such a adorable shop! I felt like a kid in a candy store!…unable to decide what to get. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try their macarons (they didn’t have it for some reason) but i did have one of their super delicious cupcakes! Italian cream frosting…light, smooth & silky. yum…


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