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feeling like being on the go…


After my jaunt to SF, I'm all about travel and things inspired by being on the go…
{left to right, top to bottom: Eva Solo Thermo Flask, cool Argentinian bus tickets, Kate Spade beach bag, Hayden-Harnett for Target umbrella, Encyclopedia wine packaging {via the Dieline}, and Paige Russell camper vessel.}


  1. I have been seriously craving that umbrella for the past two weeks. If I have to deal with Houston rain, I might as well be fashionable…Perhaps a visit to Target is in order.

  2. Esos boletos (tickets) del colectivo 25 son antiguos, ese es un colectivo de mi ciudad
    Buenos Aires. Una emoción verlos aquí!!!

  3. Thanks for the reminder on Hayden Harnett — I completely forgot and think I’ll need to venture to the not-so-lovely Brooklyn Target to pick up one of those canvas bags. Love the travel round-up!

  4. hola !!! saludos desde argentina !!! visito siempre tu hermoso blog y hoy encuentro estos tickes antiguos de buses argetinos.
    una alegria


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