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mixed tape…



…yesterday my friend Mari told me to watch out for something in the mail. I was expecting to get one of her delicious concoctions, but instead she surprised me with a set of the Japanese masking tape I've been coveting! I screamed like a kid at a candy store. Who knows what I'll do with it but all I know is that I love it. They've been discontinued online at DWR, but I've been told that there are a few left at the Tools for Living store locations… {Thanks Mari!}

{photo by Oh Joy!}


  1. Oh I’ve been hunting these down too! But the Aussie dollar completely sucks right now!! Maybe it will keep me in check 😉
    Have fun! I’m sure you’ll find something to do with them. There’ll just be random colourfully-taped things lying around your house everywhere.

  2. oh neat! i thought it was pretty colored floral tape for a sec. but masking tape… all the better. i’m SURE you could use rainbow tape for lots of fun projects!

  3. I’ve been trying for weeks to order this tape! Thanks for sharing a new source, not even sure what I’m going to do with it but seem to want it for some reason. It’s fabulous! I’ll find something fun fo it.
    A new Canadian blogger.

  4. I want all of them and I don’t even have a use for them. I’d figure it out though. At the very least I’d find an amazing way to display them.
    Isn’t it awesome that it’s the little things that excite us?

  5. i am glad that you posted the link to the japanese website as i am going to japan in a month and i might pick some up directly. only one problem – not everything on that sight translates in google and i can’t tell if they have a walk-in store!

  6. oh i wanted this so bad i decided to google until i found it — with the internet, there is always _somewhere_ where what you want is available! i discovered that if you google “washi tape” instead of japanese masking tape you get more options — many of them don’t come in the cool dwr packaging, but it’s still the same material. thanks, joy! i love to visit your blog for inspiration.

  7. How fun! You have such thoughtful friends; I would love that arriving on my doorstep, and so would my lil ones and we’d have a tape party for sure. Congrats on your feature this week.

  8. You can buy them through scientific supply companies too- sells a rainbow assortment in little rolls.

  9. Hi Everybody,
    I am the Director of DWR Tools for Living, the Accessories division of Design Within Reach, responding to the many posts about our color masking tapes.
    I can’t tell you how happy I am that so many of you are fans of the color masking tapes. For me, too, it was love at first sight when I discovered these during one of my trips. I bought all I could at the time but with some regret, found that the quantities available were ideal for the DWR Limited program for the 2008 holiday season.
    That said, I am always on the lookout for new things and have lots more cool and useful finds in 2009 so stay tuned…..


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