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  1. YES! stunning. spent much of the evening Sunday looking thru their pics after discovering them on lake jane post. p.s. your blog is the most delicious thing EVER. my GO TO first thing DAILY, hourly, haha! p.s.s. vintage on the outside, new on the inside? i’m right there with u sister! i think we might be soul mates. but i’m sure everyone feels that way about u. impeccable taste, sensational finds. u r a GIFT!!! thx for sharing 🙂

  2. “longtime listener, first time caller”
    these pics are gorgeous! so much better than the cheezy studio pics that often fill couples’ wedding albums!

  3. i loove the artistry of MangoRed! They shot the pre-up and wedding photos of a friend. Their work is absolutely stunning. 🙂 And i also love how young and talented they are!

  4. i love mangored and i love oh joy!
    i’m so happy you posted about them 🙂
    they’re the best, young Filipino wedding photographers!!! 🙂
    they fly all over the world to shoot weddings! anyone who gets to book them are absolutely lucky!!!
    btw, the first dress is by Cary Santiago, the second is by Rajo Laurel 🙂 both Filipino designers

  5. woah! cool! thanks guys for appreciating our work! i am really overwhelmed! didn’t even cross my mind that us guys from the remotest province from the philippines would be featured in your site! awesome! we are eternally grateful!


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