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  1. hello you can find it there:–100%25-laine-couleur-sur-mesure-.html?manufacturer_id=52
    need help? let us know! this rug can be made in a bespoke colour is the softest wool ever!
    by the way thank you so much for talking about our site and the compliments! we love your blog as well !
    could we partnership somehow? warmest regards
    Marie (founder) and Sam (webmaster)

  2. this store has the WORST customer service – I will never order from them again and I caution anyone that does. They had a promotion for reduced shipping on their web site, and yet when I placed the order I didn’t get the promo. So I emailed them – they responded once saying that my order did not fall within the promo timeline – but I double checked – right on their site and they were wrong. I emailed them again and they never replied! I ordered $300.00 worth of fall clothes for me two girls – and they lost a customer over $20 in shipping! I can not believe the nerve that they just didn’t respond!
    Buyer Beware!

  3. Little fashion gallery lost an item I returned(their fault, not mine) and didn’t offer to refund me, only belatedly giving credit at their store after I’d emailed them several times. Another time they claimed they’d refunded my account when they hadn’t. They’re bad at responding (4 weeks to reply to an email, anyone?) and thus win my vote as having the wost customer service ever. Beware!


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