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oh joy + dwellstudio {sleep in style} contest…


I rarely have giveaways over here at Oh Joy! But this is a VERY special little contest with a prize from one of my favorite home decor companies of all time, DwellStudio. ONE lucky reader will win a full bedding set I've picked out: One Duvet Set (choose from Hedgerow in Saffron, top left, OR Chinoiserie, top right) + One Draper Stripe Sheet Set in Ash + One Paloma Saffron Pillow. A total value of almost $800!

We thought this would be a fun way to combine my love of home and fashion. So, to enter, choose your favorite DwellStudio pattern from their site (does not have to be a pattern shown here), then find a clothing item or accessory online (ie. a dress, bag, jewelry, shoes, etc..) that complements your chosen pattern. Leave a comment with the 1) the name of your chosen Dwell pattern, 2) a link to your matching fashion item, and 3) your name and email address*. Our favorite combo will be the winner of this amazing prize shown above! Entries are due by 12pm EST next Friday, June 5th and the winner will be announced the following week. Good luck and have fun!

*please be sure to type your name and email in the body of the comment not just in the field forms…thanks! **you can also choose to type in your email address as: name[at]email[dot]com. ***sorry, limited to US residents only!

{UPDATE: Please do not post more than once. Entries only appear below 50 at a time, so you may not see your entry, but we do receive every no worries!}


  1. What a great giveaway!
    My favorite dwell pattern of the moment is a Kids pattern that I wish came in Queen size: Geometry in Primrose. I would pair it with this denim shirt dress from Anthropologie: and these espadrilles:
    I like how the texture of the lightweight denim would offset the striped shapes in the pattern, and although not normally a fan of espadrilles I think they totally complete the look & compliment the brown in the pattern.
    Kathleen Losche

  2. great contest idea.
    1. sketch pattern
    2. this handbag :
    a bright punch of color with more pattern {found on girlbyAileen’s etsy shop}
    3. info:
    amanda arnett

  3. 1.) Dwell pattern: Hedgerow
    2.) Accessory:
    Thank You Note Seafoam Pumps by Seychelles Shoes
    (the embroidered cut-outs match the hedgerow pattern wonderfully, plus the seafoam is a perfect complement to any of the Dwell colors)
    3.) Info: Trish Tegen trishtegen[at]

  4. 1. Dwell Pattern: Draper Stripe Duvet in Ash (with the saffron yellow border)
    2. Skirt: Wiksten Alison Skirt
    I’d love to see the stripes vertical on the skirt with the solid saffron yellow band running along the bottom border of the skirt.
    3.Info: Mara

  5. Oh my goodness. This is a giveaway made in heaven.
    1) My favorite Dwell pattern is, no lies, the Hedgerow in Saffron. It’s just SO gorgeous!
    2) I’m pretty sure these shoes are almost as fabulous as that duvet: [
    3) Holly Marie Gibbs :: hollymariegibbs[at]

  6. i think i would fall over with excitement if i won this…my bedroom needs a makeover like you would NOT believe!
    i absolutely love dwell’s “maze” pattern – it reminds me of a garden in a european castle, full of stone walls and topiaries. this beautiful dress has the same effect – the bright green color and the flowers, plus the sweet silhouette that makes it just the thing for a summer garden outing.
    my contact info: becki; editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com
    what a fab giveaway…thank you so much for pulling it together!

  7. Oh Joy! I desperately need a new duvet, so I hope you love this combination as much as I do. Imagine lounging around on the Dwell Thicket Saffron duvet in this airy summer Clustered Petals dress from Anthropologie:
    kaitlyn.means at

  8. 1. Dwell Pattern: Draper Stripe (ash/saffron)
    2. Clothing: Trina Turk lookbook, “Royale” dress with “Tampa” top
    3. Kara: kara[at]
    What a great contest idea… love it!

  9. OH dear, what a painfully good giveaway!
    1] i LOVE Draper Stripe pattern in Blue
    2] and i LOVE this 2Unfold Multi-User Leather laptop bag by Hard Graft
    3] Milan | milan.phan[at]
    Think rustic modern Italian. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck everyone!

  10. 1. Dwell pattern: DRAPER STRIPE CHINOIS BLUE
    3. Jenny Kim
    This is the greatest give away ever.

  11. Oh no! The link didn’t work so I am submitting it again w/ specific directions.
    1. Dwell Pattern:Draper Stripe Sheet Set in Ash
    2. This brooch:
    you have to click on the 3rd image on the right, top row, for it to show up, the link is not bringing it up for some reason. This is it’s label:
    Brooch 2006
    Amber, pearls, cotton
    5,5 x 7 x 1,5 cm_Archive No. 06-019
    3.Anna Marie,annamseymour[at]

  12. This is an amazing giveaway, but I think we owe you thanks in advance– choosing a winner is not going to be easy! I’m completely smitten with brushed-on patterns lately so I’ve chosen:
    1. Dwell pattern: color field cobalt pillow
    2. Fashion item: Hayden-Harnett Helena wrap dress in Painterly (or the Thalia dress or the Pandora tunic…)
    3. Name: Danielle Fike, Email: danielle.loves.philly[at]

    The Chinoiserie pattern with the Seychelles Cypress Platforms from Urban Outfitters (,-product.startDate&navCount=33&navAction=poppushpush&color=)
    The suede and the wooden sole suggest an earthy, laid-back vibe, while the shoe’s style implies style and good taste– much like the sheet set.
    I’m dying to win this!
    Becca (dogearedit AT gmail DOT com)

  14. Lovely! Here’s a whole outfit to go with:
    1. Dwell Pattern: Hedgerow Saffron
    2. Earrings: Maslo Design Brass Leaf Earrings
    Dress: Tracy Reese Puce Sprig embroidered cowl chemise 4UL6Q7
    Shoes: Marc Jacobs heels #13287
    Clutch: Louis Vuitton Minaudiere in Gold;jsessionid=PNP4FXYUXD0QECRBXUXFAHYKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=en_US&direct1=home_entry_us
    3. Cheyenne Hornburg, [email protected]

  15. Hi…I love contests and I love your blog, Joy!
    1. The Draper Stripe sheets in ash are fantastic! Bedding in this pattern guarantees sleep, right?! (However, I am slightly obsessed with stripes and I just painted my hallway in a lighter version of these sheets)
    2. There are so many great accessories, but this little bright clutch screams spring.
    3. kfritz1(at)
    I am hoping and wishing. Thanks!

  16. The bedroom is the one room in the house my husband and I have yet to decorate. The thought of owning the hedgerow duvet & draper sheet set has me daydreaming about countless decorating possibilities. Thank you for the inspiration.
    My choice would be to pair:
    1) Talon Charcoal pattern with
    2) “The Kiss” by Brancusi, pendant from the Philadelphia Art Museum
    I quite like how the mirrored pattern of the swirls of the Talon pattern come together. Almost like a kiss.
    3) Marcy, [email protected]

  17. The bedroom is the last room in our house my husband and I have left to decorate. The thought of owning the Hedgerow duvet and Draper sheet set has me daydreaming up all sorts of decorating possibilities. Thank you for the inspiration!
    For my pairing:
    1) Talon in ink
    2) Brancusi “The Kiss” pendant from the Philadelphia Art Museum
    The swirls coming together in Dwell Studio’s Talon patter are very soft and sweet, reminiscent of a kiss.
    3) Marcy, marcyltaylor[at]hotmail[dot]com

  18. Thank you for such a great contest!
    My favorite Dwell pattern “Dragonfly Petal” happens to be in the “Baby Bedding” section. I love the vintage-y feel of the yellow flowers thrown into a pink and brown pattern.
    Recently I’ve been in love with the flower-on-a-headband hair accessory look; but this Bambako [ ]** headband hair accessory might just be even cuter! Plus the whimsy of the feather headband complements the playfulness of the Dragonfly Petal pattarn.
    **Look for the yellow feather headband on bottom left corner of picture-collage.
    (The original website [ ] is currently under construction.)
    Sara : sarakirpes[at]gmail[dot]com

  19. my comment never appeared…
    {1} dwell pattern — ‘thicket’ in saffron
    {2} complementary item — smocked dress from free people
    {3} i am audrey chamberlain
    thanks so much for the opportunity, it was really fun to search for items, and hard to decide.

  20. Yay I dream about this bedding but my partner will not help my funds for it.
    1. Dwell pattern – Chinoiserie
    2. accessory – Not sure if I can use this it is an item I found in a charity shop (I noticed avaryone is doing current designers)
    If it is not right as its not able to buy then here is Alex Monroe’s bird ring
    3. [email protected]
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. what a fun contest 🙂
    1. Dwell Pattern: chinoiserie
    2. The blouse in this photo: (I think the coral color in this blouse picks up the orange bird in the chinoiserie pattern. The blouse’s sprig pattern complement’s the birds and branches in the chinoiserie pattern, too.)
    3. contact: josephine, josephinesleung[at]

  22. 1* Dwell Pattern: Chinoiserie
    I adore the spring feel and beautiful birdies in this pattern and I think that the
    2* Walk Aways Dress
    with its flowy orange silky skirt picks up the orange on the sheets.
    — > BTW click the pic dress on model to get the full effect 🙂 Love these sheets!

  23. {1} Thicket Print
    {2} MLH Selena Floral Sequin Dress in Steel
    {3} Vanessa || vkhuong[at]gmail[dot]com
    I can’t believe this is a giveaway. Thank you! I’m feeling entirely inspired by the Dwell patterns and think the dress would be gorgeous with the Thicket print, while still honoring the pattern.
    Also, I just bought the Owl’s Evening Ring,-saleDate&navCount=6&navAction=poppush&fromCategoryPage=true&selectedProductSize=&selectedProductSize1=&color=020&colorName=BROWN from Anthropologie. It is perfect with the Draper Stripe Sheets in ash. I would wear my ring to bed! I apologize for the long entry, but I can’t stop staring at these prints. What a great start to my day!

  24. I thought i posted, but it didn’t show up, so here it is again?
    My contest entry: (i made a collage)
    Dwell Studio Pattern: Draper Stripe in Ash:
    Clothing Item: Yellow Oxide Petal Skirt from hierapparel:

  25. 1. Dwell Pattern: Hedgerow in Saffron
    2. Clothing Item: Ivory dress by Kate Towers (founder & co-owner of a Portland clothing shop)…sorry for the multiple links.
    3. Info: Zachary zacharybgreenwood[at]
    Both the dwell pattern and the dress are simple yet detailed, vintage & classic in design yet also modern, and both photographed perfectly.

  26. I’d love to see Dwell’s pattern “Linear”
    With this dress from Anthropologie (specifically replacing the bottom half!)
    I’m erin, at erindollar{at}
    so excited!!!

  27. Such a great giveaway!! Fingers crossed…
    1. { Dwell pattern }
    Paloma Pillow in BLUSH
    2. { clothing }
    Pency Wave top –
    I got a little carried away and created a whole outfit.
    { accessory }
    I know this isn’t clothing, but I think this Balanchine mobile by Frazier & Wing would look amazing with this pattern.
    3. { info }
    Ariel ariel[at]

  28. My favorite Dwell pattern would have to be the Draper Stripe in Ash. It melds feminine with masculine. It’s something I could see my boyfriend digging while remaining something stylish I could love. I adore the parisian feel it has as well. It would look particularly lovely with my old brass bed frame. . .
    Since the style is such a balance of masculine and feminine I went completely feminine with my style choice by one of my favorite designers Sara Seven. I chose her Robins Egg Dress: . Light, airy, gorgeous. Can’t you just see yourself sitting on the edge of your bed which is covered with Dwell’s Draper style, wearing this ultra gorgeous dress, slipping on your heels for a night with the girls? Oh swoon!
    mallory opel
    Great giveaway and challenge!

  29. 1. dwell pattern hedgerow saffron
    2. “Wrapped in Black” dress via. Rita ( I am sorry I couldn’t link ?
    but worth the clicks -I hope 🙂 She is fab cool. The bedding …divine!

  30. 1. Dwell studio bedding hedgerow saffron
    2.”Wrapped in Black” dress by Rita Saardi via Sorry I can’t link for some reason but hoping you will click to site. Her stuff is crazy cool-This is fun! Thanks!

  31. (Apologies if my entry is already up — I thought I had posted, but I don’t see it in the timeline of comments… I will repost to make sure. Thanks!)
    1. Dwell pattern: Thicket Saffron
    2. Fashion item: Anthropologie Sunflower Shower Tunic
    I’ve created a collage of the items I would pair with the tunic, also from Anthro:
    3. My name: Kelli
    email: [email protected]
    Really fantastic contest! It will be a challenge – but fun! – to look at all the entries. Thanks!

  32. I’ve been admiring the Hedgerow in Saffron for awhile now…it’s so elegant!
    And since owning that set would be a dream come true, I’ll go all out and wear my dream dress too! (I never did get to go to prom!) Scroll down to the second row and look at dress style #4 – red and gold tulle and taffeta.

  33. If I was picking out a nursery scheme I would get these crib sheets and this robe so I could nurse in style. I love how the flowers on the sheets are similar to the tiny flowers on the robe.
    1. Dwell Pattern: Garden Blossom Crib Set
    2. The Pastoral Scene Robe from Anthro:
    3. Anna AJHithersay[at]

  34. (1) Dwell pattern : Aerial
    (2) Coordinating accessory : paprika melt pewter vegan leather double ankle strap sandal from LuLu’s
    – – OR – –
    (1) Dwell pattern : Draper Ash
    (2) Coordinating clothing : Corey Lynn Calter Tory dress from Candystore Collective
    name : Hava
    email : havatursky[at]gmail[dot]com

  35. This is a FANTASTIC contest. It’s taken me hours to find the right accessory – it’s just too much fun.
    1. Chinoiserie
    2. /item.htm?itemid=2985&sid=172&pid= (take a look at the multiple views – there’s a delightful little gold piece at the heel of the boot.)
    3. Kacia –[at]gmail[dot]com

  36. My fave Dwell pattern hands down is:
    Geometry (in sky) for Dwell baby.
    This pattern works just as well for grown ups so I’ve matched it with this very sophisticated “Composition” necklace:
    so fun!

  37. 1) GEOMETRY Primrose
    2) Jason Wu Tweed Coat & Tucked-Waist Skirt
    3) My name is April and my email is aprilini (at) gmail (dot) com
    I really love the pattern and outfit I’ve selected and hope you do too! Cheers 🙂

  38. Eek, shoes are Faryl Robin, sorry about mistake!
    Sarah okimus[at]yahoo[dot]com

  39. ooh, three things i love coming together: your blog, dwell studio designs, and chicago-based designer, elise bergman. couldn’t decide for a long time…the previous season from dwell very much complements the past seasons of elise bergman’s clothing. but in the end, i was most inspired by the newest collections of both.
    1. dwell’s marguerite pattern (especially in cobalt & saffron)
    3. michelle, theseoulconnection[at]
    thanks so much.

  40. 1. Dwell – Draper Stripe Duvet in Ash
    2. Clothing – Gina Michele Summer Nights Dress:
    3. Courtney, report2court(at)
    modern, casual, versatile, and the go-to favorite…all these words can be used to describe both the dwell pattern and the Summer Nights Dress. Each item compliments the other and evoke the same feelings of comfort & style effortlessly!
    I have been DYING for some Dwell bedding, this is my chance!

  41. 1. Dwell – Draper Stripe Duvet in Ash
    2. Clothing item – Gina Michele Summer Nights Dress:
    3. Courtney, report2court(at)
    Casual, modern, versatile, the go-to favorite…all of these words can be used to describe both the Dwell Duvet and the Summer Nights dress. Both evoke feelings of comfort and understated style effortlessly.
    I have been DYING for some Dwell Studio bedding, this is my chance!

  42. I love the birds! Would look great in our cabin….it would be a break from thinking about our floorboards and roof fixing.

  43. …I got so distracted, I forgot to list the other parts:
    I love the birds! Would look great in our cabin….it would be a break from thinking about our floorboards and roof fixing.
    bedding- number 2, with the birds,
    necklace to remind me of spring and new beginnings:
    and email: sarahbeth24[at]

  44. this is so much fun!
    1. i’m in love with hedgerow in saffron
    2. this is the accessory i picked out, i love how it mirrors the beddings combination of modern and classic and it would look so good if i were to wear it while i lay on the bedding!
    3. robin rbnee4[@]aol[.]com
    thanks joy!

  45. 1. Dwell Pattern: Color Field Cobalt
    2. Looks – Look 18’s dress (first of the blue mood)
    3. Nicole, nikirock[at]
    What a great thoughtful contest!

  46. 1) Dwell pattern: Paloma pillow in blush
    2) circle wrap skirt with ruffle by etsy seller sohomode:
    I liked the contrast of the modern Paloma pattern with the soft ruffles on the skirt!
    3) Ursula ursula(at)
    The items you have chosen are PERFECTION. We just moved into a new place and I’m struggling with the bedroom; this would save me!

  47. My top half didn’t make it either
    1. Dwell Hedgegrow
    2. Mellissa Borrell’s Popout jewelry, bottom left

  48. Terrific contest idea. I’m having my first baby this fall and am fairly obsessed with using dove grey, grass green and yellow in the nursery, so I love your picks above. I also like:
    1. Dwell Squares in Dove Grey
    2. With these flats in pale yellow canvas:
    3. I’m Lily at lilyderrick[at]

  49. This was pretty tough to pick just one thing…
    The best match I saw was the Dwell Talon pattern with this Anthropologie zigzag dress:
    I can so easily see that pattern being used somewhere else in the room.
    My other pick: Dwell’s Thicket with this dress: – I love the punch of yellow with the butterflies on the duvet.
    Or Dwell’s Geo in pink with these earrings: – I can see these hanging on a mobile in a kid’s room.
    jessica – [email protected]

  50. It’s time to hear from the Male contigency of your readership!
    1 Dwell Pattern: Chinoiserie
    2 Clothing :
    3 Nick Wills | [email protected]
    That bed set feels so homey to me. It’s like a modern interpretation on some of my grandma’s bed sets.
    All you need is a simple plaid shirt, that bed set and Bon Iver on 12″ vinyl. The mood has been set my friend.

  51. How fun! Bold swirly gorgeous black-and-white graphic prints.
    1. Dwell Pattern: TALON INK ON MANILA
    2. Cicmany skirt from Anthropologie:
    3. Rachel rachelrichards[at]

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